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Internationally acclaimed Toronto based video artist Daniel Cockburn’s début feature is funny, disturbing, and thought-provoking; a smartly-crafted commentary on our modern day existence.

From the outset of this refreshing film you question what is going on, but pay attention to the opening because it is more relevant than it seems. Slowly the film reveals itself, like one of those childhood folded paper fortune tellers, where you are never sure what is going to come next.

Comprised of interconnected mini-narratives, the film’s characters find themselves trapped in bizarre social experiments of their own making. Described as a ‘metafictional puzzler’ in reviews, the film is a remarkable example of sci-fi giving freedom to veer away from a traditional narrative format. Enjoy figuring it out!

One of the strengths of SCI-FI-LONDON is that we can provide a platform for brilliant independent films that are rarely shown outside the festival circuit, mainly because they are too hard for distributors to define. This is one of those films. Enigmatic and totally compelling, it was one of the must see films of the festival in 2010.

Winner of the Jay Scott Prize, Toronto Film Critics Association.

What they said about the movie:
"[YOU ARE HERE] has been likened to the work of Charlie Kaufman, although its playful and uncanny engagement with the machinery of postmodern life feels more like an 'X-FILES' episode that's been hijacked by a subversive conceptual video artist."

"Inventive and multi-layered, YOU ARE HERE is a brilliantly organized first feature full of philosophical ideas and tremendous energy."
- Atom Egoyan, director of THE SWEET HEREAFTER and EXOTICA

"Genuinely affecting and smartly visualized! One of this very ambitious and ultimately rewarding film's best jokes involves the gradual revelation of the word 'headache.' That tingle in your frontal lobe means that it's working."
- Adam Nayman, CINEMA SCOPE

"A revelatory cinematic experience... It's safe to say that Cockburn delivers a more advanced rumination on the fragility of human consciousness than the levels in INCEPTION."
- Eric Kohn, INDIEWIRE


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