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The Truth is Out There

The JFK assassination... UFOs... The existence of extraterrestrials... The truth behind 9/11... Water privatisation... Population control... The New World Order... The end of the Mayan Calendar… The suppression of quantum consciousness...

For the past fifty years, conspiracy theories have become an ever-more prevalent topic of discussion and cause for alarm, growing into a truly global phenomenon.

Actor-comic-writer-producer-painter-inventor, Dean Haglund is best known for playing one of the Lone Gunmen on THE X-FILES, and has become closely identified with the realm of the paranormal and the world of conspiracy.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE follows Dean as he travels the globe hoping to discover just what it means to search for the truth in a world where conspiracies, or conspiracy theories, are everywhere. The film is equal parts comedy, consciousness and conspiracy.

Dean Haglund takes us on an amazing journey of discovery and allot of laughs to boot. Both informative and fun to watch. Highly entertaining and loaded with laughs for both the well informed viewers and those new to the truth movement.
Tim Crawford, Founder and President - UFOTV®