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This movie nods at Lord of the Flies and feels a bit like a Star Trek Academy story.  Low budget with a young cast, this is a really enjoyable film.

"Sol" is set in the distant future on a hostile alien planet. It follows a group of ambitious young adults as they embark upon the prestigious Sol Invictus competition in a quest to win fame and glory. The rules of the game are simple but dire: each of Earth's finest Academies sends their best and brightest to a remote planet in a race against the rest. The first team to pinpoint, out of all the stars in the sky, which one is Earth's faraway sun -- Sol -- is the winner. But no one goes home until the games are won...

A glorious life awaits the lucky few who win, and many have died at the hands of their peers along the way with no questions asked.

But visions of victory crumble as the teams are marooned on the wrong planet with most of their teammates missing - along with all of their equipment. What starts as a game for glory soon descends into a race for survival as former enemies must band together in the bleak hope of surviving long enough to win.

This is fantastic example of indie sci-fi and what can be done with a great idea, the right locations and a limited number of props and special effects, and is particularly recommended for anyone wanting to make a low-budget feature.


If you purchase this film for download you also get Behind-the-Scenes footage and the Soundtrack!


Played at SCI-FI-LONDON 11