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Sometimes reality is stranger than science fiction.

A renowned SF writer is at a local convention to talk about his work. As he takes the podium he renounces his work as utter fictional rubbish and declares that he has found a portal to another world, orbiting the star Proxima. 'Simply listen to my new book-on-CD and be delivered,' he proclaims. Unsurprisingly, this bizarre announcement is not well received by his fans.

Present in the conference audience is Tony, the owner of a specialist DVD and video store. He is open-minded enough to take the disc and try it out.

Are the strange visions he starts to experience real? Could there really exist a conspiracy on Earth to aid an invasion by an alien fleet? And is the super-strong armour he's made to wear really 'invisible' or is he simply an emperor parading round in new underpants?

This is a wonderfully rich and a little bizarre movie, a good solid SF storyline, well played and well produced with the exception of a few questionable 3D effects.

In the vein of Solaris, K-Pax and the Man Who Fell to Earth, PROXIMA is a refreshing film full of wonder and falls squarely into the festivals 'wtf' category!

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