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Don't Ask Don't Tell


Set in SODOM FLATS, TEXAS, near the town of INBRED, Don't Ask Don't Tell is a sordid tale of alien choreography, government conspiracy and deviant behaviour.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is in fact the 1954 Sci-Fi turkey Killers from Space shamelessly adulterated with entirely new dialogue and new inserted scenes.

Winner of the BEST FEATURE AWARD at the Boston Underground Film Festival, and THE AUDIENCE AWARD at the Swiss Fantasy Film Festival, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is the tale of the enlightenment of MAD SCIENTIST Dr. Doug Fartin (it's French).

Soon to be classic lines include:

OUR HERO: "This is horrible! They have no natural rhythm"

THE ALIEN LEADER:  But I think you’ll admit they dance pretty well for white people.

For those who know Mystery Science Theatre 3000, you will enjoy this movie very much.

For those who like 50s black and white... well this is a major improvement on the original :)


"A sassy schlock riot...a surprisingly throughtful social film, not to mention an incredibly funny one." -- The Boston Globe

"A shamelessly silly MAD Magazine inspired spoof." -- The New York Daily News

"A zany comedy." -- The New York Times

"DADT is in the finest tradition of American satire... [a] completely original, off-the-wall little gem." -- Reel Affirmations Film Festival

"deliciously daffy...this inspired, zany film is one of the [Reel Affirmations] festival's highlights." -- The Washington City Paper