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Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones

If there were ever a film at SCI-FI-LONDON that deserved its own WTF? category, then this is it. This film is intelligent Troma or a 21st century take on early John Waters. No need to take a bad acid and ketamine cocktail, the movie provides it all, and with great style!

Six teenagers, all suffering from mostly sexually inflicted psychic traumas, are thrown together, given special powers and a mission as the Struggled Reagans.

They also get spandex costumes and helmets that look suspiciously like a popular kids’ TV series, except this is fuelled with sexual innuendo (and sex), outrageous dialogue, oh and a giant floating tumour bent on destroying the world! They’re definitely more mofoing than morphing…

Hindu gods, giant robots, evil monsters and sub-Bollywood special effects: is this movie heading for oblivion or cult status? See it and decide for yourself, we loved it.

Not for those of a delicate disposition… It's morphin' time.

"Drawing from a disparate mélange of sources (1980s sit-coms, Hindu mythology, television’s tokusatsu genre), tweaking the film’s backgrounds with cheap digital psychedelic effects and accumulating free-associative ideas with disorienting speed, Struggled Reagans is horny, lysergic and postmodern, reconfiguring its Power Rangers-style ensemble heroics as both priapic trash and transcendental parable. The performances are broad, the sound mix is terrible, the onscreen actions are downright offensive – but this is also outsider auteurism at its most audacious. Once again, Sci-Fi-London should be commended for championing the little guy with the big ideas"
Anton Bitel, BFI, Sight & Sound.

Also known as STRUGGLED REAGANS, this film had its world premiere at SCI-FI-LONDON in May 2014.