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If you love movies from the 70's and early 80's - think DARK STAR, REPO MAN or JABBERWOCKY. with a dash of WITHNAIL and I, or DOWN BY LAW by way of OUTLAND and DAS BOOT!

Adventurados is a road movie in space that follows the misadventures of two out of luck Irish shuttle pilots flying their last mission from the Moon to Earth before retiring. Unusually, their employers have sent a mysterious woman along to keep an eye on them, and the important cargo they are transporting.  A mish-mash of strange folk are after the cargo, and will do anything to get it. Of course, things go from bad to worse for the luckless pilots.

Think WITHNAIL & I in space or an uncensored Red Dwarf – very sweary!

At SCI-FI-LONDON 10 we screened Berton Pierce’s documentary SENSE OF SCALE which looked at miniatures and practical FX in the movies, especially the big classics.

Now he has made a hard-fi space movie full of practical effects with help of those artists who worked on films such as MOON, BLAKE’S 7, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and STAR TREK. It is so good to see proper models and clever miniature work in this feature.

adventurados movie

Synopsis: An Irish road movie in space. Two down and out shuttle pilots take an important cargo from the Moon to Earth and all goes wrong. Along the way they discover they are not who they think they are forcing them to rethink their lives.